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Hikes, strolls: There are more than 4000 kilometres of hiking paths and trails crossing Mont Ventoux to the Luberon Hills. You will come across typical stone villages, with an inviting cool stream, or red ochre hills surrounded by ancient cypress trees, which characterise the region, and fertile plains perfumed with the scents of Provence.

Hiking on a donkeys back. Donkeys will guide you along the trails and paths in Provence, redolent of thyme and rosemary. Take your trail map, your picnic, and let yourself be guided by a gentle donkey. Go to www. for four people who are offering this simplistic pleasure.

Horse riding: For experienced riders who want to ride through the countryside on their own there are immense possibilities on a wide network of marked trails.

Canoeing and Kayaking: Vaucluse is the home of beautiful waterways. The Sorgue River is an oasis of cool water on a hot summer day. Springing forth from Fontaine-de-Vaucluse.
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Fishing: Come and discover fishing in the Vaucluse. 2, 900 km of riverbanks, quiet water rivers, home to white fish and their many predators. There are trout fishing rivers, with fast flowing cold water, flowing from Mont Ventoux, and the hills in the Vaucluse. 700 ha of lakes on 30 different sites throughout the Vaucluse, with carp, and white fish. Visit and then go fishing, to find all the guides and places.

Balloon over the beauty of Provence: Flights arranged through Provence ballooning.
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Paraglide from Le-Barroux:
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Aviation and Gliding Clubs: There are many you can try – the outstanding geography in the Vaucluse offers magnificent sites for flying in any season.
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Golf: Discover the great life style and wonderful landscapes whilst enjoying your favourite sport. A Golf Pass Provence is available at all the regional golf courses, offering 5 green fees and access to your choice of 5 regional golf courses, 3 of which are in the Vaucluse.
Choose from Provence County Club:
Monts de Vaucluse, Pays des Sorgues – Tel.: 0033 (0) 490 20 20 65
Grand Avignon Golf Course, Vedene – Tel.: 0033 (0) 490 31 49 94
Château Blanc Golf Club, Monieres les Avignon – Tel.: 0033 (0) 490 33 39 08

Ski Resorts: Chalet Reynard Bedoin Mont Ventoux
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