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It was my wife who took it upon herself to find the venue for my 60th Birthday. We have been to Provence many times and we both love the area, so it seemed only reasonable she should scour the Internet for what seemed like weeks to find just the right house. Madame was insistent it should have just the right feel: elegant, charming, not too grand, comfortable, and easy, with a beautiful dining area, a proper pool and a stunning view. More weeks went by – and then she found it. I looked at the pictures of the Flophouse on the website like you do and I thought it looked very nice. But we oldsters are wise to the way these things are photographed are we not? Well, let me tell you no photograph can seriously begin to do this extraordinarily beautiful place justice. The approach to the house is along a single-track road through vineyards. The first thing that strikes you is you are in real countryside here. The main house or Mas as the French call them, is a venerable beast. The owners have sympathetically